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Wanting a unique personal experience is something we all look for.  It makes us feel like you know us and you take an interest in everything we do.
This is the key to relationship building ,taking time to care “Empathy
“The ability to understand and share the feelings of another” – oxford dictionary
If you cast your mind back to your favorite Hotel or Clothing store it’s the service that’s brings you back.
Do you remember the first time they uttered your name and how it made you feel? This is the what Personalisation is all about 

Every browser that comes onto your site is an opportunity waiting to be converted into a sale .

  • Set priorities and build the infrastructure.Data offers you a huge insight into the needs of your customer and its up to you to priorities the creation of an infrastructure that can communicate in Real Time and not just History Segmentation. You need to be able to react right now and not wait until they have gone before realising you have lost yet another possible customer .
  • Improved User Experience . Is the answer to lot of problems.Make the journey enjoyable /Interesting …. Just easy by making it react to your browsers movements. 
  • Create an opportunity to up sell add on products. Algorithms that understand your customers deepest interests can predict future needs and offer you a new opportunity to drive sales .Now you can up sell a business suite to a loyal customer or add a dining suggestion to a repeat diner or a value suggestion to a first timer .

Results is what drives all of us but what kind of results do you need

  • Customer Loyalty. A Personalised  experience makes your customer feel more comfortable and welcome on your site .This promotes a feeling of good will which they feel they need to share with their friends and also increases their loyalty for your Hotel 
  • Increased Average Order Value. More time on your site leads to more sales .If your customer feels at ease and see all their needs in front of them they tend to spend more . Personalisation reduces clutter and helps the customer find what they need quickly.
  • Results.All our Personalised interactions are tracked and stored in your dashboard you can review daily/Weekly/Monthly.

You are guaranteed a higher conversion 

The installation is very simple: within 20 minutes you are ready with out any technical knowledge 

The first month is free 🙂 

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