Unleash the power of your Real-Time Data


Monitor your Products performance in Real-Time

Save on Ad Budget
Increase in Revenue

Features you need

  • Not so-called real-time. This is real Real-Time Analytics solution.
  • Check your products performance one by one
  • Category based sorting options
  • Search unique products
  • Set time duration
  • Export CSV anytime, anywhere
  • Check your products digital marketing performance with source control
  • Assume trends and take control of your stocks

Whats going on in my website ?

  • It’s hard to understand from all data mass.
  • We just simplified source control features based on every single product on your website.
  • Absolutely without any CRM, backend or whatever integration needed!

Not sure about your marketing efforts efficiency?

  • Rockstar Products 
    Whenever your customers see these products they buy them
  • Discount Works 
    Most selling products among the discounted ones
  • We wish you have 
    Most viewed products that are out of stock
  • Abandoned Items 
    Which products your customers left in their cart 

    any many more…