Loyalty Card Trigger 3

Unleash the power of your Loyalty Card

The truly scarce resources now are the time, the talent, and the energy of the people in your organization
Grow sales and loyalty


A loyalty card is not just about trying to reward your customers for their Loyalty !!

It actually gives you an opportunity to bring them online so you can start communicating to them before their next purchase .

Just as a quick exercise ,could you put a number to the amount of customers that come into your store every week that you dont have any details for or any channel to contact them .

Now think about what you could do if you could pre-sell them products . What packages would they go for ? 

Being able to communicate an offer before they come in store takes all the pressure off the instant purchase . How many customers get flustered when you make them an offer at the till with a queue behind them – yep its too late now maybe next time . Knowing they come in every Thursday means have an offer ready on Tues on what they  like or need and arm them before reaching the door .

So you know from your data that 200 customers bought IRFU hats last year on special .Its 6 nations weekend what kind of offer have you sent them this year what use have you made of this data ?

Your customer comes in every week and buys the same products .What special offer can you make him before he comes in-store that will compliment his purchase ?

Your customer buys products that are consumed in say 1 month like toothpaste what can you add to this product to make a special offer just before replenishment takes place ? This is a reason to talk dont wast it

How much thought have you put into your customers next purchase or do you just leave it to chance ? 

Knowing the When,Where and How of all your customers is like being able to see into the future and make judgement on it 

It gives you opportunities to do so much. Use the data wisely and build loyalty,trust and conversions .


The power of your loyalty Card

So you have a loyalty card for your customers which is great and you use it to reward them for their loyalty.Every 3 purchase gets a free product or service brilliant keep them coming back . Yes there is a “But” coming ,,, What are you doing with the data ? Is it just sitting there unused gathering dust ?

  • Customer location
  • Products purchased
  • Combinations of products purchased together
  • Volume they consume
  • List or everyday prices (often different from the price the customer paid)
  • Coupon or other discount offer used
  • Time that a purchase took place
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Time on site – Pump filled at 1pm –checkout at 1.20pm
  • Timing of site visits-every Thursday at 4pm
  • Product reviews and information sharing
  • Referrals (for example, did the customer come directly to the site, or via a link from another site, or a link in an email?)
  • Offers or ads that the customer viewed
  • Social network details, such as people the customer knows

So whats next ?

Its simple create personalised emails to every customer and use your Loyalty card data . Drive up  Conversion ,Average Order Values and Loyalty

Replenishment cycle is knowing when your customer will come back to replace what they bought from you.It can be a toothpaste that we see from purchase data your customer replaces every 3 weeks .Every third Thursday  for the last year they have purchased toothpaste so why haven’t you bundled a cosmetic deal together just for them that will only last until Thursday the day they come in-store ?

Or the replenishment cycle could be a Petrol station . We are creatures of habbit -every Thursday with out fail your customer buys 50 euros of petrol a coffee and once a month they buy a car Magazine but never buy a car wash or any other products for their car.This is where we thank them for their loyalty and give them a voucher for car supplies. Turn an interest into a need you can cater for .Data is the key to loyalty and making offers a day before they are  supposed to call means your logging the need in their brain and they physiologically plan their day around you.