Real Time Room Price Comparison

Thanks for coming direct Mr/Mrs Jones you just saved .....

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Real Time Room Comparison

Our Real Time room price comparison  tool has several unique selling points.

  1. It automatically updates all comparison pricing everyday.
  2. It provides Real Time pricing on every room type and not just the basic level.
  3. It has multiple design templates and also a personalised version if needed.
  4. We can connect Real-Time stock availability if requested.

Why book direct and if you save me money prove it ...

One of the main reason customers go direct to booking sites is trust issues around price. Everybody knows the best way to to see price comparisons is to go to a booking site and select the best price for your budget.Some customers even go to the booking site first and then direct armed with online prices. 

  • But what if we could show your customer the best price specific to them and  their loyalty to date and also compare it in Real-Time to Booking sites.
  • What if we could calculate their savings on this visit and show them in Real-Time 
  • What if we could add loyalty points to save up for a free room in the future .
  • What if you told us your ideas and needs and we mold a plan around you