Silver Service

We’re passionate about putting the personal touch back into Hotel Websites.

Silver Service is a dedicated Real-Time Personalisation Platform for the Hotel Industry.

We analysis the movements of all your browsers and answer each  need individually with Real-Time Personalisation. 

  1. The  unique user experience begins with a personal greeting and recognition of the returning client .
  2. Your site then adjusts to suit each browsers individual needs.
  3. As the browser navigates the site we gather new Real-Time data and adjust to answer new scenarios.
  4. If a browser is a very loyal client we can set special rules to offer them unique experiences.
  5. When the browser selects a room, we then offer them the best price available depending on their loyalty and show them  current Real-Time price comparisons on well known Booking sites.
  6. The next step is to create an opportunity to up sell Dining  and other in house facilities based on preferences and purchase history .
  7. If the browser exits during browse we have a an exit intent trigger to make them an offer and gather information for future communications
  8. Other products can also be added to the system like Personalised ESP,Loyalty card triggers etc
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Set up and Beta Test

  • Set up takes just 10 mins and no technical knowledge is required 
  • We have multiple design templates that can be adapted to your theme.
  • Beta testing takes 2 weeks
  • You then have a further 2 weeks to study our results and make  your mind up.

Silver Service

Lets make it Personal.......


1. Real-Time Web Personalisation.

  2.Unlimited number of target groups.

  3.Unlimited number of personalised manifestations.

  4.Multiple Template design.

  5.Unlimited Number of users.

  6. Editor: unlimited editing of personalisations.

  7.Analytics dashboard.

  8.Multiple Authorization levels.

  9.Number of detail levels of data collection.

  10.Identification possibility of visitors.

  11.Data import / export through (API).

  12.Real-Time Room price Comparison.

  13.Real-Time Trigger Emails.

  14.Abandoned search.

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