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You don’t need to have a dedicated IT team inside your organization to get started. ECERGE doesn’t require any IT effort on your side.

It is plug-and-play. ECERGE  integrates to any online store in just 1 day by adding a single line of JS code on the website. It goes live with personalization campaigns in 2 days, and proves its value by increasing sales and contributing 10% additional revenue in 14 days.

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How It Works

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Today, the most sophisticated recommendation and personalization engines rely on lengthy data collection phases consisting of processing and analyzing data, and then calculate targeted recommendations only after the customer is long gone. This classical method is time-consuming and ineffective, mostly because customers are no longer engaged in buying from you after having left your site. ECERGE’S advanced and innovative recommendation engine fills this gap by generating on-the-spot recommendations, while the customers are still online and ready to buy.

On average, a potential customer remains on a website for 2.5 minutes and checks 10 products and 2 campaigns during a visit to an online store. An efficiently functioning recommendation algorithm has to be able to analyze the online behavior pattern of a user in this short – time frame and combine the most relevant products and campaigns for the user. Otherwise, that visitor would be easily lost to another competitor. This is why having an algorithm that works in real-time is one of the crucial key point of running an online store.

ECERGE’S leading recommendation engine eliminates the time issue by learning the user’s behavior in seconds. This is possible with real-time updates to underlying customer scoring and segmentation system. With every visitor information about page views, clicks, purchases, the ECERGE updates not only segment and score that specific visitor, but they also recalculate the overall weight of each dimension to create recommendation models. These models are based on the average time on page, page views per session, average basket size, etc. This leads to getting higher values from click-stream. Each visitor action updates the customer model and scoring, and ECERGE’S engine returns the recommended products and campaigns for the visitor in real-time In span of days, ECERGE recommendations can match classical recommendation engines and outrun them with quick feedback loops from visitors. With real-time recommendation model, ECERGE can offer the right products to the right customers at the right time, which results in higher conversion rates and a significant boost in sales.

Your Data

Where is it stored and is it under GDPR compliant

Our Data Partner

Serverius Connectivity & Colocation

Serverius offers Connectivity and Colocation services in the Netherlands, between Europe’s largest internet backbones of Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The high quality services are mainly used by international companies who need premium connectivity, IP security cloud services or colocation in Europe.

We are a part of the European infrastructure

As one of the largest colocation datacenters and network infrastructure suppliers in the Netherlands, Serverius offers the highest service quality for all who need European presence


The ECERGE Team has recently received many questions about the new rules for the protection of personal data, which will take effect from 25 May 2018. What is the GDPR’s impact on the use of personalization software?

From May, the same rules apply to all companies that process data within the EU. These must – according to ‘Europe’ – restore the confidence of the consumer in the protection of personal data. Because what happens to my data when I surf the internet? Who has access to it, and can I remain anonymous?

Protection of personal data
Personal data say something about a unique natural person, and go beyond just your name and address data. Also online login details, and information about your health, income and faith are included here.

People who entrust this information to a company are better protected with the GDPR. The new rules relate to:

  • Communication: inform someone about who you are, why you need specific data, how long that data is saved and who has insight into it
  • Permission: always ask for the explicit consent of someone to collect his / her personal data
  • Access and portability: people must have access to the data that you collect, and can also transfer it to someone else
  • Warnings: you must actively inform people about potential risks in the event of a breach of privacy
  • Data deletion: people have the right to be forgotten, so personal data needs to be erased
  • Profiling: this can be used when drafting contracts. In such a case, you must ensure that customers are informed and can challenge a decision
  • Marketing: people have the right to opt out of direct marketing
  • Protection of sensitive data: especially when it comes to information about health, race, sexual orientation, religion and political opinion
  • Data transfer outside the EU: there must be legal agreements if data is passed on to other authorities outside the EU

What do we collect ? 
By default, ECERGE does not collect any information that is traceable to a natural person (such as a login or IP address). The data that we collect relates to the behavior of someone on the website, such as the visit to specific pages, length of the visit, click behavior. We do not automatically state what someone fills in (the values). This requires explicit permission from the customer and visitor.

You can remain anonymous, if you want. We do not have to know who someone is, to still engage in a relevant interaction.

And what do we do with the data? 
The data of each ECERGE customer is stored in a separate database that only the customer has access to. Of course, this data is owned by the customer, and we conclude a processor agreement that states exactly what ECERGE must meet.

Physically, the data is stored  with our Hosting Partner Serverius in Dronten  the Netherlands,  So customer data never leaves Europe.

More information
Do you want to know exactly which safety protocols we use and what we measure by default? Send me an email via and you will receive all information immediately!

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