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Our business is based on Knowledge Management .We develop and manage tools to help you get to know everything about your customer. In doing so  you create a better user experience which leads to increased conversion.


We work alongside national and international organizations dedicated to sustainable development.


Committed to conducting its business according to the highest principles of honesty and fairness..


Responsible customer relations through clear and transparent communication and marketing of our products.

Taking Retail to the next level...

What is your Banner Performance ?

Additional Revenue

There are lots of analytics solutions to find out conversion rates of your products, however there isn’t  any real-time banner performance monitoring and reporting tool until today !!

  • Grows Revenue by 15%
  • 20% Increase in overall Banner Performance 
  • Bannerify helps you to check the performance of your banner in real-time. It’s crucial to understand your banners performance to manage your site to be always on top.
  • Check your banners performance one by one
  • Category based sorting options
  • Search unique banners
  • Check your banners digital marketing performance with source control
  • 20% Increase in overall Banner Performance 

Personalized Recommendations

The right offer,  product or campaign, to the right person at the right time  through the right channel.

Recognizing your visitors and making personalized product recommendations will create a unique shopping  experience and make an impression with your potential customers. We analyze each visitor’s interests and help  you offer the most relevant products that your visitors will love in miliseconds.

Some of our most-liked campaigns include:

Home page 

Product Page 

Category Page  

Basket Page

Checkout Success Page 

Other Pages

Do you know how much it costs to get a new customer?

If you do then why are you letting them leave without so much as Hello

Why not talk to your visitors before they leave your site to look at a competitors site ..

You can use up to 9 algorithms to make sure you have the right story to tell at the right time.

This message will only appear once and will not show again if they join your mailing list.

Edit and create your own personal message in mins for 

No matter which industry you’re dealing with, or how big of an audience you’re talking to, in ecommerce, you’re always looking for the answers to the same questions. 

You’re looking for those answers as fast as possible, better yet in real-time. That’s why you need actionable real-time data to optimize your website. And that’s why we have Trendify Insights for you.

Trendify Insights gives you a summary of your website performance in 15 simple rows and is updated on-the-go. So, whenever you login to your panel, you get to see the key metrics from which products are the rockstars to which ones are underperforming, which discounts have the highest returns to which referral channels are worth the buck.


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Knowledge is a wonderful thing but knowing how to use your knowledge/data to increase customer loyalty and increase conversion is a total different story. Lets make it easy – Live in 48 hours,Flexible payments and the best tools in the market 🙂

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Introducing Hotel Silver Service


Silver Service was designed to help interact in Real-Time with your browsers in order to promote and grow Direct Hotel Bookings.

  • Increased Room Conversion
  • Better UX experience and customer interaction 
  • Increased Dining Conversion
  • Increased Amenities usage
  • Increased Loyalty & Trust 
  • Real-Time Personalised abandoned search.
  • And much much more 
Hotel Room Conversion
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We focus on Big Data Processing.

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We offer the latest Technologies in Predictive  Analytical software tools.

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